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Paint Therapie Pattern Journal

Before there was Folk It, there was Paint Therap.  

Back in 2013, Carol created a gorgeous little painting journal filled with lessons; a few you may recognise, a few that takes our Round Brush designs one step further and a few we have only ever taught in our painting workshops before.  

Its branding may be different but this is the original product that led to the You Can Folk It kits we know and love.  Full of Carol's straightforward clear instructions and easy to trace patterns, this is a great addition to your collection.  

With space to make notes, pockets to store your favourite swatches and paintings and lots of inspiration, you'll be wanting to take this booklet everywhere with you. 

This booklet contains the following lessons: 

  • Dot Roses and Hearts
  • Practice flowers 
  • Daisies 
  • Colour Mixing
  • Angel heart 
  • Sunflowers 
  • Rosebuds 
  • Vintage Roses 
  • Lavender and Ribbons 

Are you ready to learn a few new patterns? Do you fancy using that versatile old comma stroke to paint new flowers? Do you want to learn a couple of new brushstrokes? This journal has it all.  

Please Note: This is a standalone product so you will need a round brush and paints at the very least to complete the lessons. As this is only a journal, the comma stroke instruction is not as in-depth as that found on our DVD's.