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About Us

About Us

Carol has taught Folk Art to many people around the world, believing everyone can enjoy this art form - creative or not. She has packaged her knowledge into a step by step education system that teaches you Folk Art designs one brushstroke at a time. Learning to paint just became as easy as learning to write.

What is Folk Art Painting?

Folk Art Painting has been around for centuries and it was known as ‘The Peoples Art’ because it was the art of the untrained artist. There is the whole history of Folk Art Painting, which is a fascinating subject and could take you to places such as Germany, Italy, Sweden, Russia, Netherlands and England in search of the beautiful European Folk Arts that still exist today.
Folk Art Painting is a style of painting that is learnt in the same way you learnt to write, it is a skill based art so each brushstroke can be practiced over and over until mastered. I have watched time and time again as students who didn't think they could paint, slowly but surely find their creative side. Of course like everything else, being creative takes a little nurturing, but for most people the big question is 'where on earth do you start'? - When I decided I wanted to paint, I was sure that painting was some kind of secret club I didn't know how to join!
Folk Art Painting takes the mystery out of learning, because unlike something that is talent based, Folk Art Painting skills can be self taught and as you start painting simple designs and mixing paint colours, the artist within you will naturally begin to show. It's not something you have to force, it's already there just waiting to be unleashed.

Where 'You Can Folk It' Began

Back in the early 90’s while living in Australia, Carol discovered Folk Art Painting. She wanted to find something that would allow her to make her house a home. To decorate walls and furniture but would also allow her to do something for herself now her two sons were in school.
Little did she know that that first workshop would lead to her running her own business and travelling around the world teaching these skills to others. 
In 2012, the idea of 'You Can Folk It' began to form. Carol passionately believe that Folk Art was a skill that everyone could benefit from and enjoy. She knew how adding a little creativity changes lives and wanted everyone to know that this wonderful art form exists.
'You Can Folk It' launched in September 2014 at the Handmade Fair at Hampton Court Palace, London and it had an overwhelming response. Since then we have developed our painting kits and online video tutorial studios. We have also created a thriving ambassador group and now have people just as passionate as us are teaching our lessons around the UK.

About 'You Can Folk It'

We’ve updated the traditional Folk Art designs and created an easy to follow learning system. We teach you to paint the same way you learnt to write, 1 dot and 1 brushstroke at a time. NO previous painting or drawing skills required! Practice and a desire to learn is all you need.
Creativity is not something you are or you aren't, it's something you do or you don't.
If you would love to be able to paint, start your journey with us. We can guarantee that you will be over the moon, not just with the designs you learn, but with the relaxation and enjoyment it brings you. It is like doing a meditation with paint. When you're playing and doodling, you cannot be thinking about your worries at the same time.
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