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Why we've now got 3 ways to learn to paint

When you are learning something new, are you someone who loves the peace and solitude that comes with learning independently, at your own pace or are you more sociable? Do you love to meet new people and chat to like minded people about the journey that you are on? 
If you are someone who likes to work through a course by yourself, to be part of a group can feel quite overwhelming or frustrating.  On the other hand, if you are someone who loves the buzz of getting to know other people and sharing your experiences, working alone is no fun. 
That's why we have recently changed the way you can purchase our Folk Art Painting Masterclass so there is now an option for everyone.  So, which option is right for you? 
Option 1 - Our 12 week course bundle £150 
This is our Progress not Perfection all inclusive bundle.  After you purchase the Beginner's Masterclass, you will receive an email with the links to your online lessons and our Beginners Facebook community while you wait for your art supplies to be delivered.  
We run our 12 week Progress not Perfection courses throughout the year so while you wait for your start date to arrive, you can take a look through the Masterclass and if you want to, you can get started on the lessons while you wait. 
Each week, you will receive resources and printables to help you as you work through the course and every Tuesday, you will be invited to attend tutor led sessions (via Zoom or webinars) where the Folk It tutors will discuss different topics that will help you on your painting journey and help you develop your skills beyond the Masterclass.  
In addition to these weekly Zoom sessions, each week you will submit photos of your practice for the Folk It tutors to review and give feedback on your progress.  They will let you know what you are doing well and provide support to help you improve your brushstrokes.
12 week Progress not Perfection customer review folk art painting for beginners
Option 2 - Solo Plus £115
If you do not feel like you can commit to weekly Zoom sessions but would love the idea of getting feedback on your own painting, and the accountability of submitting assignments, the Solo Plus option is a great choice.  
After you have completed a lesson, you will be able to submit photos of your work for review.  Once you have submitted your work, you will then be able to begin learning the next lesson in the Masterclass.This means you won't be able to move onto the next lesson until you have submitted your work for review.  
In addition to this accountability, you will receive motivational emails as you work through the course to help inspire you.  
Option 3 - Solo £75
This is for anyone who loves the idea of learning to paint but would prefer to work independently in their own time and the Solo option allows you to do just that.  
One of the reasons why our Masterclass recently won Best Craft Kit of 2021 (awarded by Crafts Beautiful) is because it contains everything you need to get started on your own painting journey. Unlike other online creative courses, we do not expect you to source your own art supplies.  In Folk Art Painting, the right brushes and paints are essential for success so once you purchase the Masterclass, we ship the box of art supplies to you for you to use throughout the course.  Once you receive those, you can work through the online lessons in your own time, at your own pace.
Customer review - Beginners Folk Art Painting Masterclass
With all three options, you are invited to our supportive Beginner's Community over on Facebook so you can ask questions, share your progress and ask questions.  
The great thing is that with the Solo and Solo Plus packages, we always leave the option open for you to upgrade your choice.  If you sign up for the Solo or Solo Plus options (or if you have already purchased our Masterclass) and later decide that you would like to join a future 12 week Progress not Perfection course, you can get in touch with us to arrange an upgrade.  Simply email us: 
If you would like to know more, check out our webinar and find out what Carol and our students have to say about our Masterclass and 12 week course. 
We hope that these brand new bundles will give you the flexibility you need to learn to paint in a way that suits your life and learning style.  
Which ever bundle you choose, we promise, by the end of the Masterclass you will be wanting to paint everything that stays still long enough ;) 
Until next time x 

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