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Our favourite painting supplies

Our favourite painting supplies
If you have followed us for a while, you'll know that we are very particular about the contents of our Masterclasses.  The paper of our workbooks had to be just the right thickness and finish to allow the paint to glide.  The paints have to be DecoArt - specifically formulated for Folk Art painting, they help you paint those perfect brushstrokes.  Our brushes have to have just the right amount of spring. 
Over the last few years though, there are many items that we used to stock and that we use regularly that have increased in price.  We have found that we cannot compete on price from much bigger sellers.  
To help you find all our favourite items, we have collated a list of these products on our Amazon store for you.  
Black practice paper painted with daisies You Can Folk It
Removable Scotch tape

We know that sometimes, you want a choice of how many you purchase so at times, we have included several options of the same items to give you the best options and guide you towards items you are going to enjoy painting with.  Be sure to check the prices and the number of items to get the ones that suit you.

Not only have we included items that will help you to paint everyday, we have also included sections for course specific supplies.  If you have signed up to a course in our BRAND NEW Folkers Painting Club, find all you need in our shop.  

If we have missed anything off that you would like us to recommend, let us know! 

Until next time x 

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