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Our favourite painting supplies

Our favourite painting supplies

3 days ago
Want to know which paper is best to practice on? Want the low down on what supplies we use in our studio? Check out our new Amazon storefront.
Painted bluebell heart from You Can Folk It next to a paintbrush and bluebells

How to paint bluebells with You Can Folk It - Beginners Masterclass tutorial

The bluebells are everywhere, except our painting journals.  We had to rectify that! Here is a tutorial to help you paint these beautiful flowers, we hope you enjoy it and have go yourself.

Letting Go Of Perfection. Why we are keeping the focus on progress instead...

Maybe you’ve heard us say it a time or two that on your painting journey it’s progress not perfection that matters. What we didn’t realise is how useful it would become….

Why we've now got 3 ways to learn to paint

Did you know we now have three ways to learn to paint with our Beginner's Masterclass?

Our Masterclasses are just the beginning

A round-up of the latest patterns we have created. We've included links to the patterns in the post so you can have a go too!

I started painting. This is what I noticed...

There are many benefits that come along with learning to paint but everyone has different experiences. We asked our students what they noticed when they started painting regularly, here's what they said....

Are you ready to P.A.I.N.T?

Putting yourself and your wishes first is not selfish but self care. Are you ready to enjoy all the benefits painting has to offer?

Mistakes it's easy to make as a Beginner painter

Here are a few mistakes we made when we were learning to paint.  Are you making them too?

Snowdrops and the language of flowers

Each year we get asked how to paint Snowdrops but why do we love them so much and what symbolism do they have?

Learn something new in 2022

Find out why our students loved our Progress not Perfection course so much.  If you are wanting to learn something new in the New Year, why not sign up for our next Progress not Perfection course in January?

Our students have been creating for Christmas

Our first group of Progress not Perfection students have been crafting for Christmas recently and we couldn't help ourselves - these projects deserve to be shown off!

Have you heard about our 12 week Mentorship program?

Have you heard about our 12 week Mentorship program? It is about so much more than painting! Find out more from us and our students in this latest blog.

Paint your own pumpkins this autumn

The skills Carol teaches you in the Beginner's Masterclass can be used to create so many different designs.  Here, we use the floating method from our Teddy lesson to create pumpkins perfect for Autumn and Halloween and accompanied them with pivot stroke flowers.

Our "Progress Not Perfection" Painting Challenge

On Monday 13th September 2021, we are starting the first of our new 'Progress Not Perfection 12 Week Painting Challenge", created for anyone who has bought our Beginner's Masterclass.

Mindful Patterns For You To Try

Let go and let the paint flow. Join us for a little mindful painting as we let go of painting the patterns in our workbook and just enjoyed a little mark making and repetition to create some pretty practice and doodle pages.

The Importance Of A Creative Community

We have created an amazing community group on Facebook for all of our Beginner Masterclass Students. Read this blog to find out more about our new Beginner's Community.

Paint With A Rainbow

Add a little sunshine to your practice pages this week and paint with a rainbow with us. Here are a few projects that we have created that will inspire and delight you.

How To Paint Wreaths You'll Love

So you have learnt to paint a few flowers from our Masterclasses, how can you use them to create a wreath? Here we show you a few little tips to build a beautiful wreath.

We Are A Finalist!

Have you heard the news? A while ago we entered the Best of Craft Awards 2021 run by Crafts Beautiful and we are now a Craft Awards 2021 Finalist! 

Our Latest Challenge

We have been playing around with our Wreath and Topiary lesson. Here are a few ways you can develop your painting after you have completed the lesson.

Summer Strawberries

Sunshine and strawberries - what a perfect pairing.  This week, we think lesson 4 in our Intermediate Masterclass is the perfect project for summer so we are sharing a few of our favourite projects to inspire you.

Our Masterclass Is Just The Beginning...

Whether you change your paints, your pattern or your background, you open up a world of possibility to take the skills you learn in the Masterclass so much further.  Create and compare your ideas and be open to the outcome, you might be surprised by the results!

The Secret Language Of Daisies

As part of our Daisy challenge, this week we looked at the secret meanings of daisies and how painting these beautiful flowers in different colours can send a secret message to a friend or loved one.

Progress Not Perfection

This weeks blog is all about what we are doing to support all of our students with our new Progress Not Perfection Community.

Are You Ready For Our Daisy Challenge?

In our Beginner's Masterclass, we teach you how to paint our full bloom daisy. Now, we show you how to take your daisies to the next level. Are you ready for the challenge?

The Power Of Practice

We often hear that to master any skill we need to invest 10,000 hours to practice but is that really true? Here's what we think...

Have You Ever Wanted To Paint?

Have you ever wanted to paint but never thought it was possible for you? Or you felt that you were never creative enough or worried you wouldn’t be good enough even if you tried? We understand because we did too. 

The Damage Words Can Do - If You Let Them

We often use words and labels to describe ourselves and others. This is great when they are positive but when they are negative they can mould and shape our lives if we let them.

Why Learn Something New?

Why should we learn something new when it often feels like too much of a challenge in our already busy lives?  In this blog we look at what we miss out on when we say no to new learning adventures.

How To Adopt A 'Beginner's Mind'

We are all born with a 'Beginner's Mind' but it often gets lost as we grow and learn. How do we get that back? How do we practice silencing our inner "know-it-all" or critic? Here are a few ways we can begin to see the world with a new perspective.

The Joys Of A "Beginner's Mind"

What is a "Beginner's Mind" and why is it so important? In this post we delve into the characteristics and benefits of adopting this state of mind in life and on our creative journey.

Colour Collections To Inspire You

We know how difficult it can sometimes be to choose colours to add to your paint collection, that's why we have put some sets together just for you. Take a look at what we have created and what inspired us.

Colour And The You Can Folk It Masterclasses

The decision to learn something new like painting can be a scary one, but it can feel totally overwhelming when there are then more choices to make. A creative journey shouldn't be one where you are left guessing. Find out how we guide you through the world of colour in our Masterclasses.

5 Things This Last Year Has Taught Us

As we are starting to come out of the latest lockdown here in the UK, we have found ourselves reflecting on the year that has passed. Here are the 5 biggest things that we have learned this year. 

Painting Projects Perfect For Easter Time

Our masterclass designs are so versatile and this week we've been incorporating a few from the Beginners Masterclass to create a few Easter themed creations to inspire you.

Painting Easter Eggs Is Not Just For Kids!

We decided to have a little Easter fun and paint some eggs using our Masterclass designs. From beautiful buds to delicate daisies, which one is your favourite? We hope they inspire you to paint this Easter.