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Below are the materials we use in the Round Brush Lessons.  As well as these you will need some other basic materials which you will probably have around your home. 

  • Pen/Pencil

  • Water Pot (can be a cup/glass jar etc)

  • A plate for paints (can be any ceramic plate)

  • Fine Sandpaper

  • Candle Wax (a tealight is ideal)

  • Kitchen Towel

The Glamour Dust is optional. 

For the paints, the consistency of paints is really important, so if you don't have DecoArt/Plaid or Jo Sonja, it is unlikely that the paints will work well.  But please note, don't worry too much about the colours, if you already have a Red, or a Green that you like, those will work just fine. 

For the projects, each lesson has been painted onto a MDF heart and a square mount board for attaching to a greeting card.  But this is optional, you can apply the designs to any projects you already have, the heart designs will work nicely on many different shapes, especially square projects.

Any questions, please message us on FB or email