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Masterclass for beginners brush set

Our 'You Can Folk It' Luxe brand is just what you have been waiting for!

Our Masterclass for beginners brush set includes all the brushes used in the Masterclass Course. This set contains: 

Luxe 1/4” Deerfoot brush - perfect for ‘stippling’. Use this versatile brush to paint grass, fur and foliage.  We love this brush for painting highlights and shadows!


Luxe No 8 Flat brush - the spring in the synthetic brushes makes creating a smooth pivot stroke easy to do. This brush also allows you to blend your paint beautifully. 

Luxe No 3 round brush - the perfect brush for your comma strokes. With the right amount of spring in the synthetic bristles and a much needed tapered end, it’s the go to brush for your folk art designs. 

Luxe liner brush - the smallest of brushes and perfect for more detailed work. 

With care, all of these beautiful brush will retain their shape. Bought individually, this set would cost £19.