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Painting Easter Eggs Is Not Just For Kids!

We decided to have a little Easter fun and paint some eggs using our Masterclass designs. From beautiful buds to delicate daisies, which one is your favourite? We hope they inspire you to paint this Easter.

When Your Creative Spark Is Low

We've never met anyone whose creative energy runs at 100% all of the time, but what do you do when your creative mojo is MIA? Here are a few things we do when our life is out of balance and we need to give ourselves a little self care.

Mother's Day Inspiration

Be inspired to create your own Mother's Day card this March with our beautiful Folk Art flower designs. If you have some of our kits or masterclasses, why not take a look at what we’ve been creating this week to inspire you.

Mindful Brushstrokes

Inspired by our recent posts on mindfulness, this week we have focused on our brushstrokes. Through the practice of brushstrokes, we are given the opportunity to let go of the outcome (perfect or not) and to stay mindful in the moment.

How Mindfulness Influenced Our Painting Masterclasses

One of our favourite ways of being mindful (not surprisingly) is through painting. Here, we talk about how we created our Masterclasses so anyone could access mindfulness through creativity and painting.

The Importance Of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a word we hear often these days, but what exactly is it? With technology, social media and the fast pace of life demanding more of our attention, mindfulness practices are becoming increasingly popular and more important. In this blog we look at why we all need a little mindfulness in our lives.

Traditional Valentine's Heart Tutorial

Learn to paint a traditional style Folk Art heart using our guide here. Use this design to create your own cards, gift bags or other projects this Valentine's Day.

The Forgotten Flowers Of Valentine's

When we think of Valentine's Day, we automatically think of roses, but did you know there are other flowers that lovers used to send messages of love? We take a look at a few of them here.

Valentine's Day Roses

When we think of Valentine's Day, we think of roses. According to the 'Language of Flowers', each shade of rose has a different meaning. If you are looking beyond the red rose this year, why not consider a few of these alternatives...

The Secret Language Of Flowers

Did you know that there was a secret language of flowers? Here we take a look into the fascinating history of Floriography and the different meanings of flowers.

Beautiful Snowdrop Projects To Try This January

Following on from our last blog post, we have used the snowdrop design to create three new projects, perfect for these coming months. Which one will become your favourite?

How To Paint Snowdrops

Snowdrops are a lovely flower to paint at this time of year. Maybe you are not sure where to begin? Follow this easy tutorial and find out.

Our Customer's Amazing Christmas Creations

We might teach you the skills of Folk Art and decorative painting but what you do with those skills is endless. The creativity of our customers blow us away and here we showcase a few festive favourites.

Introducing Our Brand New Masterclass

Introducing our brand new Folk Art Painting Masterclass for Intermediate painters; the brushes, the techniques and the designs.

Which Christmas Colour Palette Will You Choose For 2020?

This month we try out our Christmas wreath in four of our favourite festive colour schemes. Which one is your favourite?

Spread A Little Joy This Christmas

We love using our painting skills for a good cause and this month we will be hand painting some letters and cards to send to those more vulnerable and isolated than ourselves. We hope you will join us in reaching out to others this festive season.

Paint Your Own Holly Wreath

Painting holly is a great way for us to get in to the festive mood. Here, we have taken the techniques we showed you in our last blog tutorial and taken it one step further to create a beautiful holly wreath.

How To Paint Holly

Here is our step by step tutorial to teach you how to paint a beautiful sprig of holly, because what's Christmas without a little holly?

We Say Creativity Is Essential

Creativity is essential! To think about a world without creativity, for us, is impossible. It is everywhere and it is inextinguishable.

How To Paint Your Very Own Christmas Napkins

Painted napkins is a great project if you are learning how to paint onto fabric. Our step by step guide talks you through this project from preparation to completion.

How To Paint Onto Fabric

Would you like to paint onto fabric but aren’t sure where to start? Here we talk you through the speciality products available and some tips and tricks to help you along the way.

How To Save Money This Christmas Using Your Painting Skills

We believe it is the thought that counts at Christmas (and all year round!) so here's a few ideas to save those pennies this year and get creative.

Paint Your Own Pumpkin Tray - Perfect For Halloween

Paint the perfect pumpkins this Halloween! Here we show you how to transform your pumpkins designs into a wreath for a tray which is perfect for the upcoming holiday!

How To Paint Onto Slate The Right Way

One of the most common questions we get at You Can Folk It is "How do I paint onto...?". In this blog post we tell you how you can successfully paint onto slate to create a Folk Art project to be proud of. 

Brushstroke Surgery - How To Improve Your Comma Strokes

Practising a new skill can take time and patience. If you are struggling to create the perfect comma stroke, read these three common mistakes and our advice on how to overcome them.

A Few Of Our Favourite Projects From The Last Month

Bringing together a few of our favourite practice sheets and projects from our customers, we share their progress and inspiration here.

Introducing Our Favourite Brushes For Beginners

Why would a beginners kit need four brushes? Here are our reasons behind why we included them and what you can learn when using each one.

What We Learned During Lockdown

Lockdown in the UK made us look at life a little differently and rethink how we were going to spend our time together. Here's a few positives we are taking away from the unique situation. 

The Story So far

'You Can Folk It' has evolved yet again. Find out the full story behind our products here.

Folk Art of Hungary

We've recently been spending time in Budapest and so took the opportunity to delve into the world of Hungarian Folk Art.