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Have you heard about our 12 week Mentorship program?

Have you heard about our 12 week Mentorship program? It is about so much more than painting! Find out more from us and our students in this latest blog.

Our "Progress Not Perfection" Painting Challenge

On Monday 13th September 2021, we are starting the first of our new 'Progress Not Perfection 12 Week Painting Challenge", created for anyone who has bought our Beginner's Masterclass.

The Importance Of A Creative Community

We have created an amazing community group on Facebook for all of our Beginner Masterclass Students. Read this blog to find out more about our new Beginner's Community.

Our Latest Challenge

We have been playing around with our Wreath and Topiary lesson. Here are a few ways you can develop your painting after you have completed the lesson.

The Power Of Practice

We often hear that to master any skill we need to invest 10,000 hours to practice but is that really true? Here's what we think...

Why Learn Something New?

Why should we learn something new when it often feels like too much of a challenge in our already busy lives?  In this blog we look at what we miss out on when we say no to new learning adventures.

How To Adopt A 'Beginner's Mind'

We are all born with a 'Beginner's Mind' but it often gets lost as we grow and learn. How do we get that back? How do we practice silencing our inner "know-it-all" or critic? Here are a few ways we can begin to see the world with a new perspective.

The Joys Of A "Beginner's Mind"

What is a "Beginner's Mind" and why is it so important? In this post we delve into the characteristics and benefits of adopting this state of mind in life and on our creative journey.