How To Paint Onto Slate The Right Way

5 days ago
One of the most common questions we get at You Can Folk It is "How do I paint onto...?". In this blog post we tell you how you can successfully paint onto slate to create a Folk Art project to be proud of. 

Brushstroke Surgery - How To Improve Your Comma Strokes

September 5 2020
Practising a new skill can take time and patience. If you are struggling to create the perfect comma stroke, read these three common mistakes and our advice on how to overcome them.

A Few Of Our Favourite Projects From The Last Month

September 1 2020
Bringing together a few of our favourite practice sheets and projects from our customers, we share their progress and inspiration here.

Introducing Our Favourite Brushes For Beginners

August 26 2020
Why would a beginners kit need four brushes? Here are our reasons behind why we included them and what you can learn when using each one.

What We Learned During Lockdown

August 18 2020

Lockdown in the UK made us look at life a little differently and rethink how we were going to spend our time together. Here's a few positives we are taking away from the unique situation. 

The Story So far

August 11 2020
'You Can Folk It' has evolved yet again. Find out the full story behind our products here.

Folk Art of Hungary

February 8 2015
We've recently been spending time in Budapest and so took the opportunity to delve into the world of Hungarian Folk Art.